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The oil revenues will, obviously help us to fund our infrastructure and innovation programmes. 36 The Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions (UOTI) Act (Amendment) Bill Ministry of Health, 40 Pharmacy Bill Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs, 41 The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces and Veterans Bill, 2017. Digital marketing, growth, management and tips. The political leaders, the cultural leaders, the religious leaders need to know that there are strategic issues we need to grasp clearly for the survival and prosperity of our people. That what is crucial is water, which we should do everything possible to protect. The Income Tax ( Amendment) Bill 2018; 9. This potential is always there and, as we get investors, the potential will turn into capacity. This will save our foreign exchange, create more money for us, but also create jobs for our youth. People expect money for every little task. The presidential address that was scheduled for 7pm today has been deferred to a yet to be disclosed date, according to President Museveni’s spokesperson, Mr Don Wanyama. Indeed, as you drive on Gulu road, as I did recently, or along Jinja road, you will see quite a number of new factories that have been built recently. Fortunately, science is developing so fast that we may, in future, not need soil to produce crops. While this effort is aimed at recruiting many of our youth from agriculture or from the urban informal sector (jua kali) into small scale industry activities, the bigger foreign and local investors have already helped us to attract and locate in Uganda 44,316 factories and 8,200 service companies. Coronavirus is real, it does not kill as much and fast like Ebola, but spreads at a very terrific rate. What surprised me was that Uganda would be the first or the second fastest growing economy in the whole world. All these need convenient mode of travel from London, from Dubai or from a point in China. "These tend to be big gatherings of people coming from the six points of the compass. As of now, these groups may be making items for import-substitution. President Museveni gave an interesting State of Nation Address yesterday that left some questioning his ability as a leader of an already presumed 'failed Here's a copy of that speech. Why don’t the victims of corruption report those incidents to the office of the IGG? "We have isolation centres, etc. I, however, notice that the coffee yield and returns per acre are still low. The PR is attending church services, weddings, burials, etc. This, preserves the Lakes and Rivers from silting and also preserves the quality of the water. "When it comes to health, it is better to be a coward and be on the side of caution," he says. 35 Uganda National Examination Board Act (UNEB) Amendment Bill. Soap punctures this layer, which helps destroy the virus.___________________________________6:19pm  |  Minister Aceng on nutrition After the President's speech, he invites health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng to address the nation further on nutrition.It is very important that everybody drinks a lot of fluids because the infection of coronavirus dehydrates a victim, she says.Aceng is encouraging people to drink at least three litres of water every day for ideal hydration. In the Masaka area, the yield per acre per annum is 2,700Kgs that bring in Shs.18.9 million per annum. I encourage all the capable farmers to, at their own cost, go into irrigation. "The next danger is touching surfaces. The Tax Appeals Tribunal(Amendment) Bill 2018; 12. In the coming financial year, theGovernment will work on the following irrigation schemes using the government budget: (i) Doho phase II in Butalejja district; (ii) Mubuku phase II in Kasese district; (iii) Wadelai in Nebbi district; (iv) Tochi in Oyam district; (v) Ngenge in Oyam district; (vi) Atari (Bulambuli and Kween); (vii) Katete in Kanungu district; (viii) Kawumu in Luwero district; (ix) Amagoro (Tororo district); (x) Nabigaga (Kamuli district); (xi) Rwimi (Kasese and Kabarole district); (xii) Nyimur (Lamwo); (xiii) Musamya (Kayunga); (xiv) Kibimba (Gomba); (xv) Kabuyanda (Isingiro); (xvi) Matanda (Isingiro); and (xvii) Igogero-Naigombwa (Iganga and Bugiri). "Over 850 million children and youth -- roughly half of the world's student population -- had to stay away from schools and universities," the UN educational organisation said in a statement. Recently, I invited the Inter-religious Council to visit some areas that have woken up: Ibaanda, Kiruhuura, Kalungu and Masaka. With my late colleague, Mwesigwa – Black, we sensitized the nomadic Banyankore as to the need to become sedentary and, later, join the dairy industry. Guides & tips on how to to create, find, solve or fix your own stuff or problems. So the President and a couple of officials have spoken. Nadal Confirmed for Australian Open While Federer Participation Still in Doubt, Why Cybersecurity is Essential in Financial Services, Records Continue to Tumble for Hollie Doyle As She Storms to Historic Victory in Hong Kong, 6 Tips to Improve Your Dating Life During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Emotional Instability: A Real Killer In This Era, Where to Find a Resilient Job In New York During this Covid-19 Period. "I never allow my left hand to touch the right hand (which I donated to the public long ago). They were able to see for themselves that poverty in the rural areas can be defeated. Besides the huge continental market we are creating with our African brothers, the NRM always never missing in action when it comes to African issues, we have also negotiated for third party market access to the USA, EU, Chinese, Japanese and Indian markets, in varying degrees. You remember last year, I told you how rich Ugandans and other Africans are, already. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. It is too far to help you. The Traffic and Road Safety(Amendment) Bill 2018; 13. Regarding the killings of Joan Kagezi, Moslem Sheikhs, AIGP Kaweesi and Major Kiggundu, 90 persons have been arrested and are now facing trial and those not yet arrested are still being hunted. I hear so many people talk about the attainment of the middle-income status by Uganda. The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) in the district is the Permanent Secretary of the Government in the district. These are the Ugandan names for Lakes: Victoria, Albert, George and Edward. The privatization of Commercial Banks failed to solve the problem of high interest-rates. In order to roll-out a global irrigation system for the whole country, we are encouraging industrialists to set up assembly or manufacturing plants for solar-powered water pumps. Throw tissue away immediately and wash hands.•  Avoid close contact with anyone that has a fever and cough.___________________________________4:57pm  |  Coronavirus: Uganda still clear No coronavirus case has been reported in Uganda. The presidential address shall be live on all TVs and Radios at 8:00pm. How Comfortable Are You with Your Co-Workers’ Emotions? 1.6 trillion) on air-travel. President Museveni: Uganda to be world leader in milk production President Museveni arrives in Addis for IGAD meeting President Museveni attends IGAD Summit on South Sudan in Addis President Museveni commends couples Information on Mawale and Nsanvu parishes is attached in annexes II. Some of the roads have been done with their support. This is not surprising given the respective efforts of the government and the private sector in the areas of road and houses construction. These will be able to handle the regional and inter-national routes. "In many of the countries, the cases are imported, followed by local transmission and then community transmission - which is very difficult to manage," says Aceng.The government is doing mandatory quarantine - and doing away with self-quarantine.___________________________________6:25pm  |  Coughing or sneezing into elbow The World Health Organisation now recommends that we cough or sneeze into our elbow to prevent pollution.On hand management, the public is urged to avoid touching the major openings of their skin, including the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.Why is washing hands with soap important? The leaders and the CAOs must plan per parish to involve, in phases, eventually, all the homesteads. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. ___________________________________5:58pm  |  Funerals too "We recommend that the burial is done by the relatives who are nearby," says President Museveni. Since some time ago, we have told our people that they can manufacture or process most of these here. The Lotteries and Gaming (Amendment) Bill 2018. Therefore, I am going to write a directive in the form of a circular letter to all these galaxy of officials to ensure that all the services in their area are delivered properly. 3,442 billions. The latest from the music Industry! New songs, album releases, concerts, bands & artist news! ___________________________________5:28pm  |  'Healthy young people may not know of their infection' The cabinet, under President Museveni's chairmanship, sat and decided:Although the kill ratio of the virus is not high, this is only if the victims are in perfect health, the virus will kill only 3%.With healthy young people, some information says that he or she may not even know that he or she was infected.The real danger to society, however, is to the older people and people with other diseases that they have been surviving with e.g. 1 The Uganda Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs (UIDIA), Bill.

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