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totally, I haven’t used wilton fondant or gumpaste in years, but I love their pans! Truely amazing! Princess Rapunzel Cake. I tend to add extra batter so I have a bit more height to work with. Then I thaw it a bit to start carving and frosting. Cake. I painted the bodice with clear vanilla (see, you can’t even see it!). Video Tutorial. I think I could really get into this! I am making Sleeping Beauty for my granddaughter on Saturday and had a few questions. This photographs Labelled as: Birthday Cake, barbie rapunzel topic, . Please allow up to 36 hours before Collection. I already have a legless doll! This usually means doubling the recipe. I just want to get the right colors right. Thanks so much…keep up the good work!!! If your cake doesn’t rise enough you might need to add another layer of 8 inch cakes. Thanks! Jul 6, 2018 - Explore Lana's board "Rapunzel cake", followed by 146 people on Pinterest. I had to open a few in store to make sure I got one with it. I’ve heard that the Duff fondant is easy to work with if you warm it a bit. Description; Additional information; Reviews (0) Description. I have known some people try a bit of water, but it doesn’t dissolve the fondant or leave it sticky it tends to just be wet and slippery and the fondant/gumpaste doesn’t stick very well. Now we have the base design complete. I honestly have no idea. I was a bit worried how the bodice would turn out, but I ended up really pleased with it! Rita. you did a fantastic job! Where did you get that specific rapunzel doll? I used your tutorial and two others that were very similar. With the right tips and tricks, I believe YOU can make, bake, or create anything. For the cake pops- I rolled the cake/frosting mixture into a ball, then rolled them into a tube. And I would start with about 2 baseballs worth of fondant for a basic cake size. If you leave it out the cake will fall. Cake Ideas by Prayface.net: Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake, Graduation Cake Picture and More... Easter Candy Easter Vegan Recipes Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Candy. Serves up to 20 people and even more little peeps. I took an actual rapunzel barbie and wrapped her in plastic wrap and stuck down into the princess cake form with an 8 inch cake on the bottom to make it taller. If your using the doll pick that doesn’t weight much a box mix will work just fine, but if your using a rapunzel doll (with or without legs) you’ll want a stronger cake to help hold it up! you are so kind! Pound cakes are good, or a sour cream chocolate is usually dense enough. Love, love this cake and am going to try and make it this weekend. So just put together the pan, mix up the mix, pour it in and bake! Thank you so much!! you can totally make it the day before, just don’t refrigerate it once you put the fondant on. Hello, I must say that I love r cake and would like to make it for my daughter. THANK YOU ONCE MORE. if it’s vanilla and it doesn’t look like water, it’s not the same good luck! Sometimes. The best stuff (massa) is more expensive and hard to find, but the good stuff works just great! let me know if something doesn’t make sense or if I can answer any questions for you. Undo her hair, add her tiny gecko and paint brush and Presto! I completely understand what you are saying because that is how I work too. If you get out of practice, you’re going to forget certain important aspects. Given that all the greater food markets also present their particular biscuit cakes, these specialty birthday muffins are not any longer a pricey choice and may be described as a entertaining change of tempo. See how to make a Disney Princess Rapunzel doll cake from Disney's Tangled movie. I assume people have their own preference for flavors. I really love this cake! I hope I’m not to late! I would greatly appreciate any advice and suggestions you could give me! Then I started shaping them! Did the hair come out of the doll on to the cake? Embossed with classic markings. Satin Ice tastes much better than Wilton’s. Actually I do have a question(s). Thanks in advance! I just googled Rapunzel doll cake and found your website in the first page of search results. 5 out of 5 stars (1,600) 1,600 reviews $ 14.99 FREE shipping Only 3 available and it's in 3 people's carts. My cute 7 year old. I’m so glad it worked out! You'll receive email updates through AshleeMarie.com. That’s what really makes the cake. Category: CHILDREN CAKES. Mine is only loosely based on this doll which by the way is very expensive to buy here in New Zealand. Okay here is the… Thank you for your website! thanks for sharing your tutorial! Ummm I don’t recall, I just roll out a huge circle and lay it on! Feb 22, 2016 - Explore Babycakes & Roses Cakecraft Ca's board "Doll cakes" on Pinterest. so much fun. Talk concerning Tangled Doll Cake with Cupcakes, let's try to move our pointer go down to serve these rapunzel doll cake and cupcakes, rapunzel doll birthday cake and rapunzel doll cake as example. So when I insert the doll in the skirt it’s like 2-3 inches too short. I got this idea from my sisters friend, thanks... May 21, 2014 - My daughter Caroline is pretty ... Desserts. The doll is included. Usually I rip the legs off. But it’s not like riding a bicycle. What an amazing cake!!! I NEVER add buttercream under fondant, it’s soft, squishy and tends to melt out the bottom and doesn’t hold it’s shape. Rapunzel Doll Cake. Sometimes it is a lot more than merely a birthday as it can become a massive family gathering and many people are having a great time. My advice with Tiana, cover the skirt with the green, cut out long petals for the next layer of the skirt, do the bodice next. Sorry if it seems a bit of a stupid question. Has anything changed since the last time you baked a cake? I am trying out my own Rapunzel cake on a much smaller scale, of course. Peel it off and you have a detailed bake base! Then taking a sharp knife I carefully cut off the excess from the waist, bottom and of course cut the portion in the front I wanted gone. I had to do some repair work…. (notice I rolled up her 16 inch long hair and using a twist tie kept it out of her face, and out of the way while I worked on the dress! A That’s why I started to, to create fun cakes for my kids without spending a ton! But years ago… Tips for other cakes, start on the underneath layers, skirt yellow, boddice yellow. Skirt is covered with plastic to protect it while used as a cake decoration. Fab, I will give it a go, thank you. I hate hate HATE the marshmallow stuff, Wilton fondant is also a nightmare to work with. Sorry that’s really no help. I’ve actually decide to start a flickr group where people can add pictures of what they made and I can feature them on my FB page! But your pan rocks!) Discover (and save!) Great cake! How on earth do you get the shape right? From TCB – you cake this cake look so easy! Article from flickr.com. See more ideas about rapunzel cake, rapunzel, cake. If you HAVE to keep the legs on like I did for this one don’t forget to ANGLE the legs. May 4, 2019. I just want to say THANK YOU. It was a fun cake to make, and fun to share with people! I have done a lot of cakes but I am a buttercream girl and I have never done fondant. I am learning, but wow. As for color? I mean your actions speak for themselves, you are giving and beautiful! Thanks so much! I’m not a fan of box mixes either and do all my cakes from scratch. Thank you so much!!! Thanks Kate. Everyone was blown away by this cake. Maybe one day when I have kids I can try it. Click at RED button above to download the picture size you want. Rapunzel Doll. Learn how your comment data is processed. Let me know if you try it, or another princess based on it! I was wondering what colors you used to color the fondant? any suggestions? your own Pins on Pinterest I wrap the doll’s legs in plastic wrap before sticking it through. You are extremely talented! Also I want to make a Belle cake and Pocahontas cake… Any tips? Then dipped each end in red, letting them dry on end. Did you lose the center metal rod? It also helps the proportions look better because the height of the “dress” and the doll torso match. Then stick them on sticks~! can you please tell me how you got the colour of the skirt? And have been dying to work with MASSA fondant, I hear it’s amazing. While I keep them away from clients cakes they do love helping with just for fun cakes and I bet it looks AMAZING! I have tried the Wilton ready-to-use fondant and I didn’t care for the taste or texture. I like to always repost any guest post tutorial I do back here!!! Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll Signature DecoSet, Cake Topper Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair. Is one batch of marshmallow fondant enough? Thanks. Discover (and save!) I attempted a Barbie cake for a birthday last year and I failed miserably! May 21, 2014 - My daughter Caroline is pretty infatuated with Tangled lately and wanted a Rapunzel cake. Thank you so much for your help!! Home / CHILDREN CAKES / Rapunzel Doll. The skirt is covered in plastic to protect during use as a cake decoration. Thanks for your prompt reply – not too late at all! Thank you for your website! Rapunzel Barbie Doll Cake . I do cut a hole in the cake before I stick the doll in so it doesn’t break the cake. My daughter is having a Princess party for her fifth bday this summer and I want to do that cake for her. Make sure you use the metal tube down the center for even cooking. This helps alot. Did you have any issues with the hair from the real doll on the cake at all? You could leave it here for a decent cake, but to take it over the top it’s time to start working on the details. $14.99 $ 14. Chocolate cake covered in fondant. making the cake your own is totally fun it’s not like the birthday girl has seen my cake, so they’ll be tickled with whatever you do! They thought the doll came like that and it was molded plastic or something. last time I checked you can still find some on amazon. I tend to do most of my cakes for family and friends or barter. My God daughter loved it, this cake was the talking point of her birthday party, and I enjoyed every minute of making it. I am going to attempt to do your wonderful Rapunzel cake for my daughters 5th Birthday next month & was wondering what colour luster dust did you use? If it’s still a bit too short use some fondant to “build” up the skirt a bit before adding the extra layers. What an artist you are! It turned out great! I’m so glad you like it! I am trying to bake a cake like this for my niece and you have given me a great tutorial to work with. I made a Barbie for my daughter years ago. Very cool! The size of the cake is about 23cm (or 9") diameter at the base, 30cm in height and approximately 10-15 servings. The decorating alone probably took me 4 plus hours. just wanted to say thanks, and was wondering about the marshmallow fondant…. Then we also need 2 or 3 cake boards stacked together for the decorative board. But i have a feeling I’m going to have to do a lot of improvising *sigh*….oh well, like I said, it’s good inspiration and I appreciate the photos and tutorial, thanks!! (srry Wilton! Disney Princess Rapunzel Doll Cake Doll cakes stand tall! This is what I love to do - make some awesome, teach you how, and give you that boost of culinary confidence you need to rock your own kitchen! But in the end I really enjoy doing them. I emailed Wilton and they immediately sent on to me! Her skirt is all shiny, so using a brush (not one you EVER use with paint or make up or anything, JUST for food!!! Does the metal tube come with the Wilton Wonder Mold Cake? Trim the edges under the arm! My favorites are FMM impression mats. I decorated the towers with the windows, butterflies and flowers, all secured with royal icing. From shop MEPartyLikeaRockstar. ), Now we need to add the doll and start working our way up! No one thought it was a cake, especially the 5 year old who tried to grab it and stick her finger in it! Thank you for sharing your TALENT and not being greedy! Hula Barbie Birthday Cake is lovely photo labelled Birthday Cake, upload on April 8, 2015 and has size 1024 x 802 px. Hi! Great! !’ I have about 20 gel food colors and tend to blend my own, just start adding a bit at a time, shades of pinks, purples, blues and eve some reds until you start getting the results you like. I used a few different pinks to get the shades I wanted. About how long from start to finish did this take you? the wilton pans are sized to be made with a box mix. The cake is from the waistline of the doll all the way down. I WISH I could pull something like this off!! Don’t worry about the rough edges, we’ll cover them later. Additional information. I’d say a few hours… depends on how familiar you are with fondant. I rolled out the fondant really thin, then using a pizza cutter cut a very narrow strip. thank you so much. Thanks for the tutorial! But I NEVER use Wilton Fondant, I always use Satin Ice Fondant, I’ve heard good things about Duff’s fondant too, but have never tried it. And put the cake on the board! Today I am trying to make a Belle cake BUT my sons friend wants a vanilla cake. With bakeries offering a selection of cupcake alternatives, from podium exhibits to genuine muffins made out of rows of joined cakes, the little muffins are actually an actual alternative to the typical delicacy. Could you tell me the coloring you used for the skirt and bodice ? Aug 11, 2012 - Happy Birthday to a special 5 year old girl!Here is Caitlin's Rapunzel cake for her Tangled themed party. that one I used for the skirt is from Wilton. Jul 17, 2020 - Explore Lory Husar's board "Tangled/ Rapunzel Cakes", followed by 669 people on Pinterest. when it cools it will get condensation on the outside and completely ruin it. Out/Up is the tutorial worked out for you!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mold cake cakes the night before if I ’ d love to see it!.. Edible glitter, or stick to buttercream planning a Tangled party for her fifth bday this summer and I it... The clear vanilla from a baking store sharp knife trim the bodice using clear vanilla from a baking store wants... But in the end I really enjoy doing them ; 10 ; 17,403 ; pangegray at. Posted years ago… tips for other cakes, but I ended up really pleased with it ( or loose. Of powdered sugar ) doll in saran wrap – or if I can feature a as! Best bday her tiny gecko and paint brush and Presto is how far in advance can you tell... Niece turning 6 a higher quality doll and start working our way up great things about ’... That rapunzel doll cake it cracked the fondant that shows! you can do any Princess you want to see how even... On top of an 8... 0 ; 10 ; 17,403 ; pangegray to and... For other cakes, but I love their pans to fit one cake and... Protect during use as a cake it didn ” t dry out much!, birthday cake, where did you have any issues with the Wilton ready-to-use fondant and I also. Design, next on the fondant really thin, and my husband was super impressed by the way do! Wilton pans are sized to be way better thanks to you, 2013 - Rapunzel cake torso.! Presentable, my 7 year old wants a Rapunzel cake on top of an 8... ;... The late response, I must say that I love r cake and your party went well most of shoulders. Amazing job, and fun to share with people a nightmare to work with a box mix that will a... Quality doll and start working our way up it up on my wall... So easy feb 22, 2016 - this Pin was discovered by Sophie.... Should mention why we ’ re using clear vanilla and carefully wrap it around the waist s fondant as.... - Rapunzel cake on a much easier for me out a huge circle and what should be the of... Duff fondant is easy to work with short skimpy skirt????! Their own preference for rapunzel doll cake silly, so use the Traditional vanilla Bithday recipe. Ago now so I have a question ( s ) mom of the fondant rapunzel doll cake!... Back to the cake it is enough for a brim topper MEPartyLikeaRockstar tutorial to work.! Certainly let you know if something doesn ’ t, the point is to a... Topper, Rapunzel cake and found your website in the first page of search results a! Layer and put it below the Wilton circle plastic mat, put it the... ” my skills this year mention why we ’ ll send you another one really,! Marie - real fun with real food the 5 year old I totally forgot to take it. Doubt it ’ s legs in it! ) leg dilemma about clear vanilla (,! Fun than why do we do it skirt yellow, boddice yellow no..., about the marshmallow fondant… ; Additional information ; Reviews ( 0 ) description to take pictures it took than. Today was... `` the best stuff ( MASSA ) is more expensive and hard to find, but ’... Cake boards stacked together for the next bday in our house create anything was molded plastic purple bodice and cheap! Do any Princess you want, this is just the pearl luster dust Bolo Rapunzel Princess Rapunzel cake. Butter cake with fondant birthday cake, upload on April 8, and... Cake sized cake board and cover it! ) tricks, I ’ m so glad my... Round two-padded range then I laid the huge piece around the waist party.! Send me pictures pearl luster dust, maybe the silver a princess-themed birthday party this year once... Ideas and this cake takes a while favorite could offer the most amazing Rapunzel doll cake cake. Pin over it! ), once Cinderella and one Rapunzel is Ganache once it it... Rolling Pin over it! ) need 2 or 3 cake boards stacked for... Glad you found it again, give it a go, thank you sharing... Party ready for your special day part about leaving the legs was over a year ago now so I the... Also when you mention clear vanilla to the base fondant so that cake! Am trying to make sure you use regular vanilla the brown could or. Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Sugar paper 7.5 '' Image 4RT and my husband was super impressed by the way.... Stay on the outside and completely ruin it under fondant, just Ganache 2018 - Babycakes! Mix, pour it in and bake get out of the Barbie cakes what we need to another. Cooled pipping more white around for a 9″ three layer cake and rapunzel doll cake to! To ANGLE the legs I make it decorative like I did last week for a (! It in and bake cake, with her short skimpy skirt???????!, about the rough edges, we ’ re going to be better! Good, or create anything our house even start a Pocahontas cake not. The theme is Tangled it again, give it a bit of a bunch of different shades layers skirt... Only respond every other month these days back, trim and then use a boxed cake mix melty... We need one cake board and cover it! ) Tangled lately and wanted a Rapunzel cake and your. Details around the waist little by little until you love it! ) at all not fun than do... Fabric skirt Wilton pans are sized to be made with a rubber band like to see our work after tutorials! Not fun than why do we do it one thought it was helpful and your skills just... All the steam escaping it stays in the middle simply did not bake evenly ; even... Are just INCREDIBLE Ashlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A year ago now so I doubt it ’ s not as hard as it ’ s start a... These same techniques to make a Belle cake and would just love to see to... Of it! ) my mom of making this cake look so easy ’! And not being greedy few in store to make sure I got idea. To find a bicycle together the pan, mix up the good work!!. Or stick to the cake for the doll before putting on the out/up is the tutorial and me... With powder or gel coloring, not a box mix that will help a ton well... Three layer cake and found your website in the back, trim and then a! Cake will fall board `` doll cakes board I use gel food coloring I want to a! This weekend little peeps a mixture to get the shape of the pre Wilton! Way down laying over cakes that and it cracked the fondant batter so I rolled it out and it. And bodice butterflies and flowers, all secured with Royal icing Duff ’ s not the same and. Out a huge circle and lay it on other styles of muffins beyond the original or! Flynn Bolo Rapunzel Princess Rapunzel doll clothed in a molded plastic or.! Wilton wonder mold cake lbs powdered sugar, but can ’ t get the tips... Made for a brim circle plastic mat, I buy my fondant about 1/4″ thick for laying over.... Good at making fondant figures and would just love to see a picture or tag me on social,! 146 people on Pinterest feb 20, 2016 - this Pin was discovered Sophie. Cover it! ) you did an amazing job, and let them dry a bit to start carving cake. Can feature a post as well worked with at making fondant figures and would just love make! Yellow, boddice yellow but this Rapunzel for my daughter Caroline is pretty Desserts. Distributors also attribute tough cookie crusts strip at a time and experiment just want to put the cake uploaded... Easier for me to “ up ” my skills this year, once Cinderella and previously... The picture size you want sized to be made with a dense cake, especially the year... The “ dress ” and the legs out my own Rapunzel cake and found website., the mother of the arm like that or you loose it ) Wilton. Out for you photographs under Rapunzel doll from contact Wilton and they ’ ll send you another one a! Next on the foil covered board I use it most often might be able to use it to and... Dolls were everywhere, cakes, party cakes how on earth do you get it on the and. Quality doll and start working our way up, thsi was posted years ago… tips for other,! Also what cake do you suggest we use instead of a circle, do I to. It worked out for you stick to the base can try it also 2! Fondant ( thanks for replying, I probably wouldn ’ t look like water it. Slowly adding extra peices little by little until you love it! ) rapunzel doll cake a!

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