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Geological Overview of Mesozoic Atlantic Basins 19 5. development plan approval means the approval of a development plan pursuant to section 139 of the Act; (approbation de plan de mise en valeur) diving installation. All relevant documents, except commercial sensitive documents, are made available for the public review process. ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland –The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB) has approved ExxonMobil Canada Properties Ltd.’s Hebron Development Application. According to the CNLOPB's Decision Report, the potential upside oil reserve estimate for the Hibernia field is 1916 million barrels. NL Petroleum Production 8 3.2. As noted in the Wells Report of 2010, these are conflicting mandates. The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB) announced yesterday that Husky Energy’s Development Plan amendment application for the White Rose Extension Project has received conditional approval. CNLOPB vacancy, development: Michael asks for plans March 19, 2013 NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) tried to clarify government’s position on appointments to the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board, as well as its plans for developing vital industries and how the financial crisis it has created affects promises already made. The department has until early September to make its decision. 709 643 -6362 Media Release January 25, 2013 Re: Bay St George Sustainability Network (BSGSN) - … The White Rose Development Plan Amendment (DPA) has been given to the Department of Natural Resources by the CNLOPB to determine whether or not it will be approved. 141 - Constitution; 145 - Jurisdiction and Powers; 148 - Enforcement; 149 - DIVISION I - Regulation of Operations. PC ACTION PLAN: JOBS AND GROWTH FOR OUR OFFSHORE Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil sector is one of the primary economic engines of this province. CNLOPB Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board CNOOC China National Offshore Oil Company CNPC China National Petroleum Corporation CNSOPB Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change (UK) EOSS Emergency Oil Sharing Scheme (of the IEA) EPB Energy Planning Board ERAV Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam ERCB Energy Resources … We have additional cover letter examples and writing tips here. Joe Jobseeker Street Address, City, State Zip Comments are required by March 14. On December 19, 2006, the CNLOPB informed the province of its decision to conditionally approve a May 17, 2006, application to amend the development plan for the Hibernia oil field. Annually, the province receives over $1 billion in oil royalties. All development plans and amendments for oil fields were subjected to public . No bids were received for the remaining 16 parcels, which may be re-posted in a future Call for Bids. CNLOPB Approves Amended Application for White Rose Extension Project . What We Do. The Companies will be engaging commercial fishers in Newfoundland and Labrador in a separate process to develop a communication plan for commercial fishers. 139 - Development Plan Approval; 139.1 - Declarations; 139.2 - Certificates; 140 - Chief Safety Officer and Chief Conservation Officer; 140.1 - Statutory Instruments Act; 140.2 - Extended Formation Flow Tests; 141 - Oil and Gas Committee. In its deliberation with respect to these plans, the Board says it considered advice provided in its staff’s analysis as well as comments resulting from the public review. A successful bid was received for Parcel 9 for $27,000,000 in work commitments from BP Canada Energy Group. CNLOPB’s role to be increased as new and existing projects develop Log in Activate My Account Log out. Since that time, HMDC has been working diligently to provide additional information. CNLOPB vacancy, development: Michael asks for plans March 19, 2013 NDP Leader Lorraine Michael (MHA, Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi) tried to clarify government’s position on appointments to the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board, as well as its plans for developing vital industries and how the financial crisis it has created affects promises already made. Article. With CEAA 2012, exploratory drilling programs were added to the list of "designated projects", putting it at a level of review equivalent to offshore development projects. The C-NLOPB is undertaking public consultations on the draft revised Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Benefits Plan Guidelines, which also includes guidance on: Exploration Benefits Plan, Research and Development/Education and Training Expenditures, Crewing, Benefits Monitoring and Reporting, and Socio-Economic Impact Statements. If the CNLOPB did not have a pro -petroleum industry bias, it would also cease all activity in the Gulf. Industry, Energy and Technology Natural Resources Building 50 Elizabeth Avenue P.O. Given the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and its impact on government services, the former Human Resource Secretariat (now the Treasury Board Secretariat) received legislative approval to delay publication of salary compensation information until December 1, 2020. ExxonMobil has submitted a revised plan to the Canada-Newfoundland&Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) concerning further development of its Hibernia oil * Petroleum projects offshore Newfoundland and Labr ador continue to hold promise. offshore and protecting the environment. Nova Scotia (CNSOPB, 2011)i Newfoundland and Labrador (CNLOPB, 2016)ii Local Suppliers The Benefits Plan should specifically describe what work or activities the Operator plans to contract out and how such contracts will be packaged or bundled. 155 Magazines from CNLOPB.NL.CA found on - Read for FREE Recent Exploration and Research Activity in Carson Basin 16 4. The 20-year history of these projects developed within a legal and regulatory context that is We regulate oil and gas exploration and development activities that take place in the Canada-Nova Scotia offshore area. CNLOPB’s role to be increased as new and existing projects develop In May 2006, HMDC filed a Development Plan Amendment with the CNLOPB to begin extracting oil from the area known as Hibernia Southern Extension. A new Development Plan Amendment has not yet been … Box 8700 St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6. Sample cover letter for research & development (R&D) positions, including research scientist, associate, development engineer, chemist, development manager, project manager, and research officer. Hebron field is in 92 m (300 ft.) of water 350 km (217 mi) southeast of St. John's, Newfoundland, and could contain as much as 707 MMbbl of heavy oil. DPA = Development Plan Application TD = Total Depth bopd = barrels of oil per day mmcfd = million cubic feet per day tcf = trillion cubic feet bcf = billion cubic feet bcd = barrels of condensate per day bbls = barrels mmbbls = million barrels Bbbls = Billion barrels Read our latest updates on COVID-19 here. On January 17, the Newfoundland and Labrador government issued a letter to the Canada Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) rejecting an application by partners (HMDC – Hibernia Management and Development Company) in the huge Hibernia offshore project to expand the development to a southern pool, saying not too little information was provided to assess the proposed development plan. Recent Production, Development and Exploration Activity 9 3.3. BAY ST. GEORGE SUSTAINABILITY NETWORK 3 Washington Drive, Stephenville, NL, A2N 2V5 Ph . Present reserve estimates by the CNLOPB are 1244 million barrels. The roles of the CNLOPB include facilitating hydrocarbon resource development in the N.L. Overview of Regional Geology of the Carson Basin 25 Four significant spills in Newfoundland’s offshore since April 2018, along with a major injury in September that could have been fatal, have highlighted the need to review and improve safety, prevention and spill response measures in the Technical information to support the new Development Plan Amendment was submitted to the CNLOPB in July 2008. Clearly, the CNLOPB shows by its actions and To that point, environmental assessments of exploratory drilling programs had been conducted by the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB), under its authority under the Accord Acts. Recent Regulatory and Legislative Developments of Interest to Oil and Gas Lawyers 2006-2007. review. In its application, the Hibernia Management and Development Corporation (HMDC) sought permission to begin extracting oil from an area known as Hibernia South. The requirement for Condition 5.1 is to develop a Fisheries Communication Plan with Indigenous Groups and non-Indigenous commercial fishers. 3. All interested potential suppliers are … The plan would be a $600 million dollar expansion of the current project in order to produce 25 million barrels of oil in the southern part of the field. Offshore staff. The NLOP was instrumental in establishing “One Ocean” to promote communication between the Fishing and Oil and Gas Industry. 2. Find information on... COVID-19 Updates. NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR OFFSHORE: A NEW LEGAL ERA 361 OVERVIEW OF THE NEW LEGAL ERA FOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN THE NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR OFFSHORE TODD STANLEY, Q.C. the CNLOPB’s web site. Phone: 1-709-729-3017 Over 20,000 hardworking residents depend on the offshore industry for employment. Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act. Exploration and Development Background 8 3.1. March 2008; Alberta law review 45(3):765 The Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board has announced the results of Call for Bids NL20-CFB01, which offered 17 parcels in the Eastern Newfoundland Region. When initial Development Plan Approval was granted for the Hibernia field in 1986, the Proponent's reserve estimates were 522 million barrels. At its June 19, 2015 meeting, the Board approved the White Rose Extension Project Benefits Plan Amendment and Development Plan Amendment. This is a significant increase by any measure. In doing so, we apply our extensive expertise to ensure that operators take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of workers and the environment. That correspondence outlined the CNLOPB’s expectation that industry develop an action plan for basin-wide improvements in environmental and safety performance. Carson Basin Drilling History 15 3.4. Offshore Development Supports Strong Economy.

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